fortnite on EASY MODE

15 jaan 2021
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fortnite but on the NEW EASY MODE!!!
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    • I subscribed and like. video lit. So cool

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  • Easy mode

    Charles McClinton IIICharles McClinton III22 tundi tagasi
  • eazy mode

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  • 4:02 - why is there a green ak there when it’s solid gold?

    Charlie PooleCharlie Poole2 päeva tagasi
  • easy mode

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  • Tweaks: ahhhh

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  • I can won like 2 GA. E in a row with a shoutgun

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  • Easy mode

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  • Easy mode

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  • aka playing fortnite after 1 year

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  • Can we all admire Mccreamy's indian accent

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  • Easy mode I saw it

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  • easy mode

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  • Easy mode

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  • Comet esay mode if you see this

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  • You should do a random gun challenge

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  • You should’ve

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  • Easy mode

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  • Are you using aimbot cuz if u aren't u have great aim!!

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  • Easy mode

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  • Easy mode

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  • Solid green imagine that. Ha it’s a real game mode.

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  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • Easy mode

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  • easy mode

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  • omg my favourate game

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  • When your watching a EEworld that’s better then you at games 🥲 päeva tagasi
  • Easy mode

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  • “easy mode” is “epic”

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  • Have you Guys that huge only has 358 Gold?

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  • Easy mode

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  • ‘Easy Mode’ if u see this

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  • solid gold is easy i 12 wins in a day

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  • Easy mode

    Emily GartlandEmily Gartland12 päeva tagasi
  • "Easy mode''

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  • Just me that saw a Epic weapon 3:59

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  • Easy mode

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  • McCreamy is on "easy mode"

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  • Easy mode

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  • Easy

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  • easy

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  • it's so weird comming from the podcast and then seeing him like super hyped here dont get me wrong though get that bread brother

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  • The 69 years good luck does not work

    Gifted Tabby beeGifted Tabby bee14 päeva tagasi
  • At 4:00 and 4:02 there are green and purple guns... In solid Gold

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  • Me playing fortnite and losing every game McCreamy wins every game

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  • My names jeff

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  • Easy mod but aton of sweats😂

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  • Comment “Easy mode” if you see this

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  • Easy Mode

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  • Easy mode

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  • Easymode if you see this

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  • Easy mode

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  • easymode

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  • If this is solid gold so why there is epic heavy ak in 4.00???

    Juuso mahlakaartoJuuso mahlakaarto16 päeva tagasi
  • easy mode

    tracy sorgtracy sorg16 päeva tagasi
  • 4:00 how did he have a purple heavy....

    Nivya JohnyNivya Johny16 päeva tagasi
  • Easy!!!??

    Mohammad DxbMohammad Dxb17 päeva tagasi
  • easy mode

    Angella MugishaAngella Mugisha17 päeva tagasi
  • Easy mode and he still dies.

    Kid Can No ScopeKid Can No Scope17 päeva tagasi
  • Fortnite but your not allowed to scope

    Jacob LeightonJacob Leighton17 päeva tagasi
  • Easy mode

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  • 0:18 St. Patrick's Day LTM: *Nervous sweating*

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  • i love how we get vbucks by buying them from the vbucks store no scams here UwU

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  • Them Winning duo me solo squad dub

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  • If you don\ t I will band your fortnite accunt

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  • Can you put freind request on active

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  • easy mode

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  • 3:21 wat is his fing isue is

    Oisín CíosógOisín Cíosóg18 päeva tagasi

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  • Easy mode

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  • imagine if solid mythic was a ltm

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  • Easyyyy Mode

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  • Easy mode

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  • like this video for 69420 years of good luck

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  • Your so good at sniping 😄

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  • i have a challenge for you try and beat my friends no scope record 406 metres

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  • Easy mode if you se this

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  • When u put the world to peaceful mode...

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  • easy mode

    Family-Friendly-FortniteFamily-Friendly-Fortnite20 päeva tagasi
  • 5:50 that was me I am the Zoe lol

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  • easy mode

    Jem SeftonJem Sefton20 päeva tagasi
  • That was so on “easy mode “

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  • fortnite on EASY MODE but it took 3 games to win

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  • 1v1 me on nite epic is Seth is c00l

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  • Easy mode BTW love ur videos

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  • ur cracked

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  • @4:00 tell me how it’s Solid Gold but there’s a purple Heavy Assault Rifle .-.

    Jamie PalmoJamie Palmo22 päeva tagasi
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