5 flintknocks = overpowered

16 veebr 2021
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fortnite finally UNVAULTED the FLINTKNOCK PISTOL and it is EPIC!!!
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  • *hunting rifle becomes unvaulted*

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  • Title: 5 flintknocks Thumbnail: 4 flintknocks also Thumbnail: thats 1 quik mafs

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  • Mcreamy: five flintknocks. Me, an intellectual: theres four actually on the thumbnail

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  • Imagine they unvault pump new strat= 4 flintknock + 1 pump = ez dub

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  • me dieing to a flintknock this gun is trash me using the flintknock yall are trash

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  • Mccreamy since fresh didn't respond,you all been using the dragon breath shotgun wrong you have to shoot four before reloading please respond thank you

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  • Lazarbeam: I want 5 of them Everybody else: I’ll take what he’s getting

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  • In the picture he forgot the 5th flint knock

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  • It not flintlock gun its the ŶËËT PISTOL

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  • Fortnites dead

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  • Legend has it if you can glitch 6 flintlocks you can snap and half the lobby gets banned

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  • the thing is. your thumbnail has 4 flints

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  • I went to play with the flint but can't find it I won 5 games in a row and still didn't see it

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