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this NEW fortnite update is INSANE!!!!!!
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  • 3:53 talk about aim assist

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  • I m from New Zealand like mccreamy

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  • 1:20 was that Lazarbeam and Fresh?

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  • For some reason I don’t get rockets either:c

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  • How do you know that lazarbeam

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  • Hello my name is TRULY Scope in fortnite can you play add me I have liked all your vids and I memorized most of your song. Can you do a huge favor of adding me

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  • i though it said level 22 while i was itching my eye lol then i seen 226

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  • I swear I might need some lesson from creamy this guys cracked. Also this right here is the quality content i love to see from creamy

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  • Exotic Grapple Rifle has been disabled in case of McCreamy

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  • Mccreamy “We can’t lose” Me “Alright boys who wants to bet”

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  • Explosives Are Overpowered Mccreamy 2021

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  • Who was thinking the goul troper was joogie

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  • Bruh it’s funny because I always talked about wanting a chug cannon in the game and it’s here now

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  • Who else thought the title was called The old exotics are bad.

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    • But they are BROKEN

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  • Yyou have to go to the fishing island near craggy and talk to the bomb guy he sells rockets

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  • I was watching the Lazer stream and saw this 😲

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